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Reupholstering Outdoor Furniture


The only picture I can find of my “blue” couch.

In 2009 we purchased a blue sectional sofa that was *almost* perfect – except it was blue. It was the only reasonable outdoor sofa on the market at the time. Short on funds, but needing something for the exterior, we purchased what we could. The sets “bones” were good, the cushions were comfortable and the only unfortunate element was the blue, which I never warmed to. But we bought it, because I figured I could live with the blue, as long as it was comfortable.

Over the years we used the sofa in the Summertime, birthday parties and BBQ’s. The blue sofa was always an eye sore to me, but finding a beautiful gray upholstered couch wasn’t on the market (except in a RH type place). Fast forward to last Summer and our blue cushions were really done. The set, as I have come to realize, was likely somewhat affordable because the fabric on it wasn’t really high quality. But over the years the foam had stood the test of time. And the base was fine as well. Then I had a thought. We reupholster interior furnishings all the time, can you do the same with exterior furnishings? So I called up Janine, and indeed – you can get new cushion covers for exterior furnishings done. Huzzah! So last Summer I picked my favourite colour for outdoors in a gorgeous Sunbrella fabric, and TonicLiving sewed up some new cushion covers to fit over my old. And here is the gorgeous reveal of it now…

IMG_7962 This is where I sit the most when I’m home alone. I’m steps from our TV room and I come and have a coffee or, some sparkling water while chatting on the phone. It’s a nice private little spot that I don’t feel totally remove from the house, and yet I take a deep breath and relax and take a break from work.


So before you throw away or, donate (better to donate!) the old set that no longer suits your decor, consider reupholstering in a gorgeous fabric. Look at that detailing!


Success! Nothing in a landfill! The blue cushions are simply beneath the new fabric. And we have the most beautiful couch on the ugliest, falling apart deck in the world! (Next year, I’ve been promised we will do the deck next year)

Sources / Fabric / Sunbrella Sewing / TonicLiving

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