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Insulating your planters

When I went to the Beech Nursery a few weeks back I casually mentioned I was buying my hostas for planters. One of the fellows there (I didn’t get his name unfortunately, but he’s always there + is awesome) asked me if I had insulated planters. I didn’t – I was working with these old wood planters I had bought at an auction last Summer, and was fixing up. He led us through the nursery to show us something. I thought for sure we were going to shown a new planter or, something expensive to solve my dillema┬ábut instead he took me to the planters at the front of the nursery to show me this…


He simply had lined his planters with foam core from the local home improvement centre. Um. Amazing. This helps insulate the plants and protect them from the sudden shifts in temperature. So here is a ghetto photo of my painting.


I’m going to fully admit I tend to start projects without totally thinking them through and well, I just started painting them. I didn’t take the stuff out of the centre first (dirt / rocks) but whatever. They were going to be fully packed with dirt anyways so there was no sense in spending extra time cleaning out the middle. These were originally black and are being painted Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore. The same colour as our new studio out back, which is all part of the “reveal”.


Aubrey picked up the foam at The Home Depot and cut it to the inside measurements. I can assure you, he was having an AWESOME time doing this for me, despite his facial expression.


You should punch holes in the bottom of the foam for drainage. The holes in the foam (you can see above) matched holes in the wood planters

IMG_2141 IMG_2160

Fill up the bottom with rocks to again, assist with drainage, and then fill up with dirt and then plant!

Processed with VSCO with 5 preset


You can’t even tell there is foam inside! So there you go. A little trick for when you buy planters. If they aren’t insulated, this is how you do it! Now my hostas will do well over the season, and come back next season as well. xo

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