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Creating a backyard retreat with Lowe’s / Part One.


Lowe’s reached out to me to see if I’d be interested in transforming part of my backyard in partnership with them. Always up for a challenge, and you know, someone has to take on these sponsored posts to show you, I said yes. Twist my (rubber) arm. Pretty much within minutes of getting the offer, I got into the car and drove straight to Lowe’s to see what I could be inspired by. What worked, what would be perfect, what I could maybe creatively do in my space. I’m going to show you the start to the process and I can tell you that being ALMOST done the reveal (which you will have to wait for) it’s amazing. I think you will also be totally inspired to create your own space to enjoy in your own garden. 

IMG_1215 (1)

So the first thing I did was go to my current local Lowe’s (I say current, because a NEW one is opening up in my neighbourhood where the old Target used to be.) So sad. I miss Target. 🙁 But if someone is going to replace Target, I don’t mind it being Lowe’s. A HomeSense would have been awesome (although would spend too much time there). OMG. Getting off track. Let’s just say, in my world, having a home improvement store like Lowe’s around the corner from you is amazing. So I documented my visit to Lowe’s and started snapping away.


Yeeeees. Pops of colour! Huzzah! So, so good.

IMG_1249 (1)

Obsessed with this. The colour. The X design. Next up I fell in love with SO many conversation sets. Can I tell you, nothing made me happier than to see the grey’s making an appearance at Lowe’s. Nothing drove me more insane than when I’d see a well priced outdoor set and they’d do a RED cushion. I don’t want to spend that much money (even if it is well priced) on an outdoor set if you make it red. Personally I want to bring in colours via cushions, NOT the outdoor set. So I was SO EXCITED to see all of the neutrals in stock, and GORGEOUS neutrals. Not boring beige. (Seriously go into a Lowes or look online. They nailed it)

IMG_1233 (1)

Can you imagine being the perfect parent, hosting the most perfectly well balanced meal on this outdoor dining set? I could. I imaged all of the possibilities. Yes. This is how I think while standing in Lowe’s. I would be such a better Mother with a set like this. (This is also how I talk to Aubrey, and I try to convince him of things and it always ends with him walking away muttering something about me spending too much money on decor) Annnnyhow. Back to daydreaming.

Anyone up for roasting marshmallows?! One of the best part of Summer is the smell of bonfires at night.

My Mom fell in love with this  set for the cottage, which was  SO comfortable.

It was a little too beachy for our home and blue isn’t my colour. Although I love the white in my home, outdoors I lean more towards blacks / greys and taupes. I also fell in love with this set…

This is 100% my style, I love it. But if we were to do a conversation set, the white cushions were making me nervous because where we would put the chairs would be under a willow tree – which sheds often and tends to stain. So for us, the white (sadly) wouldn’t have worked. But look at those black metal chairs. They are wide, and deep – perfect for guests to sit in.

You can take a peek at some more photos I snapped in my Facebook gallery I posted last week.  I suggest you read the part about the berries in the nose incident. That’s a doozy. I instantly fell in love something when I walked in, and brought my Mom back to show her, and then Aubrey. It was over my budget allotted to the project but I loved it SO much we ponied up the difference because it was just so perfect. So this isn’t a “la-la-la look at my makeover story”. This is truly love and I cannot wait to show you it in our garden. If you’re looking to makeover your space pop into Lowes because they have some AMAZING pieces that appeal to a lot of different styles / tastes.

See more / comment over on Facebook or here. Or when you see me in person. Because talking in real life is pretty fun too.  The next post I’ll show you what we picked, and building it – and then following that will be the full “reveal” because it’s going to be so good and I also want the green from the garden to pop a little more.

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