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Creating a backyard retreat with Lowe’s / Part Two


Backyard Inspiration (click on image for source)

When designing a backyard retreat, one thing I’ve come to realize that really is best is to have “zones”. A zone for playing, a zone for eating, a zone for where you may sit solo, or, invite girlfriends over to sit and mingle as the kids play. When Lowe’s invited me to create a backyard retreat with them it was perfect timing as my “zones” had finally become clear. Construction for the most part on our garage (on the exterior at least) is done, so we could now focus on the entertaining aspect without tools being around. For me, it’s now time to start “decorating” the outdoors, much the same I do (and obsess over) for my interior. The zone I really wanted to focus on was the entertaining area for when we have friends over on Summer nights. A place where we could sit as adults and talk amongst eachother, while the kids ran (and screamed) elsewhere. 


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I really gravitate to the individual seating that can be moved, and either grouped or used as a solo chair.  So the solo chair was always an obsession with me.  When you’re designing your backyard retreat as I am doing, I’ve come to realize that the landscape around you starts to dictate the style of things you do. We have a lot of trees, many of which are everygreens – and the “canvas” per say of our garden wasn’t really leaning towards modern, but instead – kind of cottagey, and Georgian Bay inspired.


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So you see my obsession. Gorgian Bay. Cottagey. Comfortable. Individual Seating.  When I visited Lowe’s I was browsing and looking for what may work. Although I loved the  sets at Lowe’s, I knew that for “entertaining”, a couch wasn’t the right setup for us – and I narowed in on the Dorchester Chair Set ($799 for two).  Here’s the thing. I was OBSESSED when I sat in them.

IMG_1235 (1)



No. 1. They are WIDE. There is nothing less inviting than to place your healthy butt into a chair and feel like you’re being made to think of how to cut carbs out of your life. These will not make you do that. They are gloriously wide, great for kids, adults alike.

No. 2. The cushions are SUNBRELLA. I love Sunbrella. It’s everywhere in my home, and great when you have kids.

No. 3. The fabric colour IS GORGEOUS. Like look out Restoration Hardware, these chairs are way more economical and just as gorgeous. (Pssst., Restoration hardware has Sunbrella on their outdoor chairs – and have you seen the prices on those chairs??)

No. 4 – They have no “legs”. Here’s the thing. With outdoors, you have leaves that fall, critters that run and hide. Chairs, or, couch sets that have “legs” and open air beneath them collect things. It drove me NUTS that piles of leaves would collect / balls would hide under our couch set. It just seemed to be a catch-all-for things.

No. 5 – They are individual chairs and they are LIGHT. You can’t move a honking huge couch around to switch up seating arrangements but with individual chairs you can. More girlfriends coming over? Add other seating easily. Push them to the side easily when you need more room. Individual chairs make it super easy.

It’s really worth pointing out the cost of the chairs. The chairs are, for a set $800. This isn’t a con (actually, they are quite a deal) but I do want to address the cost of outdoor furniture.  If you’ve researched and purchased outdoor furniture like I have, you’ll come to realize that outdoor furniture is just pricey. Especially furniture that has cushions. I’m a sucker for cushions, because I just like to relax on them more. But any set that comes with good quality cushions like these (thick foam, not thin) and the fabric is high end (Sunbrella is the best) is just going to be more expensive than one thinks. However —- similar chairs from other companies I kid you not, will set you back $1,000 a piece. Yes. A piece. 

So the Dorchester set was mine. ALLLL mine. But as I previously eluded to in my last post, I loved them so much I just have to have four. So Aubrey agreed and we chipped in to get an extra set. Because that’s legitimately how much I love these chairs. The Dorchester set is ridiculously perfect. 



Two chairs come in one box. I kept asking the poor store manager if he was sure that both chairs from the set were in 1 box. He was so patient with me. “Yes, both chairs are in there”. I was like …. “Are you suuuuuure?” Well, he was right. You just need to do this at home…

IMG_1714 IMG_1742 IMG_1775

People. The chairs are AH-MAH-ZING. Reveal coming up soon. 🙂

Chairs / Allen + Roth Dorchester Chairs from Lowe’s


This post has been sponsored by Lowe’s Canada. 

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