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Visit to the Museum

Royal Ontario Museum

I took Oscar out of school yesterday and we went on an adventure down to the Royal Ontario Museum to explore. I think the weather has gotten us into a funk,  he’s been staying for lunches at school so that I can get work done – needless to say I think it has been a lot of indoor time at school, so my Mommy Instincts were to get out of the house for a day and just learn on our own. Oscar took his camera along to document the excursion, and to snap photos of things he liked at the Museum, so that we could print off the photos at home and then try to draw them on our own.

Toronto, Ontario Downtown


I used to be OBSESSED with rocks as a kid. I loved gems, geodes, anything. So this exhibit was really my happy place. Oscar found it interesting too, and we saw some pretty hilarious looking stones (one looked like Broccoli!)  I left amazed at really what nature is made up of.
Royal Ontario Museum Royal Ontario Museum Royal Ontario Museum Royal Ontario Museum

And then off to see some animals…

Royal Ontario Museum Royal Ontario Museum


Did you know that it’s The Day Of The Beaver today!? Happy Beaver Day!!! This video is STILL one of my favourites and I still quote the Beaver whenever I see one. “Welcome to Canada!”
Royal Ontario Museum

Royal Ontario Museum


Royal Ontario Museum

Highly recommend visiting the ROM. It’s our favourite!

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    April 7, 2016 at 4:23 pm

    We were there a few weeks ago too. Loved it. Such a fun excursion.

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