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A little photos from around here, as a quick little bits + pieces post. I suffer from anxiety, which is pretty manageable, but lately with a lot going on, I’ve found it creeping up more and more. In an effort to keep the calm, I’m trying very much to allow myself “me” time at the end of the night – which includes a bath and, little rituals like lighting a candle and creating an atmosphere of calm. My girlfriends husband is very much into meditating and I thought come the summer, when the backyard studio was done (hopefully, maybe, perhaps) I could go out in the mornings and have some new routines to find some balance. But for now, I find it easiest to do little things at night, when tend to relax me quite a great deal!

We were hit with a bug in our house and it was BAD. Aubrey was thankfully spared, but for a week this was my view (above) as Oscar and I slept together all day as he fought a fever / cold / flue and I a nasty cold. (We’re all better now!)

I’m making mini changes to my office – I took down four 8×10 frames and replaced it with one major one (top right corner) and then some blank space beneath. I like the break from the consistency / pattern of the gallery wall and it allows some room for my acrylic file folders that sit on the desk.

I’ve been doing photoshoots in the TV room – the best light is natural light.

New pink glass vase from HomeSense. For $6 it was a steal.

My sweet little guy, checking to see who the strangers were in our house. We hired a potlight company to come in and install some extra pot lights in my office, as I was finding certain areas dark. They were in and out within an hour.

I hope you all had a lovely Valentine’s Day. I’m going to be taking a little blog hiatus as I gear up for some product launches that I’m really excited to announce and also, a re-design of this site. So as I focus on all of that, I’m going to be quiet here (more so than lately) and I will be back in a few weeks time with perhaps a new site design and, some exciting news! Huzzah! In the meantime, follow me on Instagram. xo

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