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the claw

I have to remind Aubrey that it’s just part of who I am to be obsessed with all things kid. I worked at a toy store all through High School and it was the greatest gig ever (seriously, it was) and my first corporate job was head of Creative stuff at the same said toy store, in their head office. I love creating things for kids, so obviously love buying things for kids. 🙂 So when Aubrey rolls his eyes at how many toys I buy (or I hear from certain family members that we have SOOOOO many toys) I don’t think people realize that the toys are in fact, 50% for me. Like this new purchase. THE CLAW game. (Which I love because it is an arcade game, and Oscar loves because of this clip) It’s the best thing ever. Purchased from Zulily.  / Posted also to Instagram

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