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It’s that time of year where people who blog tend to reflect on the past year, and, the state of blogging as they see it. I don’t usually take much notice to these posts but perhaps I have so lately, as I feel like I’m one of those blogs that have lost their way. So I thought I’d reflect on my own place on the internet. I’ve realized that my focus on my website/ blog has changed and I feel like I owe this place, my sweet blog, a little attention and apology to those of you who read.

I think I feel some guilt because this website used to be my blog and only my blog. It was designed to accommodate searches for past posts and show home tours from every which angle. I used to do waaaaaay more projects and was of course, decorating our house. But over time my business (which isn’t my blog) started to grow and I started to find myself putting more and more energy into business projects & collaborations. As a result this website changed too. This website has changed like a chameleon, adapting to a world that is changing around me. The blog is now more of a compliment to the site, instead of being the main attraction as it once was.

So where does that bring me. Well, no where different from where I was before, I still love to blog and will continue to. And I’ll continue to blog – but I think it will be a different type of blogging and I haven’t figured out exactly what that is, or, how it will come about. But I’m sure, in a year, I’ll reflect and be able to articulate what the change was. 😉

xo Linds

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