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Holiday Project Roundup / Homemade Sugar Scrubs

For some reason, oranges remind me of Christmas. Perhaps it’s that those boxes of oranges come out around this time here in Toronto and I proceed to binge on them. Or maybe it is the sweet aroma that lingers from this recipe. It’s a refreshing scent too, so I decided to make some of my own sugar scrub after seeing some recipes online over the last few months. All I used was:

  • sugar,
  • coconut oil,
  • orange essential oil,
  • olive oil and
  • shaved some orange peel into the mix to give it a little extra zest. 

My recipe was a variation on others, I didn’t really follow measurements – instead going with a consistency that works. Coconut oil is ah-ma-zing but expensive, so I added olive oil to offset it a little. But too much olive oil and you’re going to smell like a salad. Not the aroma you’re really going for in this project. 

As much as I am for the Holiday Gift Guides, I like to offset buying with making. Some years I don’t have the time, or, start too late, but this year I’ve been trying to set aside some time to find some EASY DIY Projects.  There is something so, well, “Christmas” about baking and making for those you love.  The aroma is amazing and I like my mixture not being too runny, but it’s a matter of personal preference I think.  The ingredients are all easily found in your neighbourhood, so no running around to little hidden stores across the city. Even Amazon carries most of the items you need! Enjoy!

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This post was originally posted on December 5, 2014. While I’m at the One Of A Kind Show, I’ve put together some of my favourite holiday projects and reposted them for you to enjoy and hopefully inspire! xo Lindsay

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