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Royal Ontario Museum

I went to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) on Friday with my Mom and Oscar as it was a PD day for the little dude. I forgot how much I loved the ROM. It’s pretty much the best place ever. They do the best exhibits, the place is open and not at all claustephobic (I get overwhelmed with big crowds etc) but even on such a busy day as most kids in the city had the day off, once you got past the major line to get in – it wasn’t crowded at all. I got so excited being there that I bought a family membership because I have plans on going back solo to wander exhibits and just find inspiration within their walls.

Oscar really wanted to see the dinosaurs. We just chose the dino exhibit and the Egypt (my Mom wanted to see the Mummies!)* and then we went home. We snapped a ton of pictures…
*Side note, the Mummy was a wee bit scarier than I remembered and I was like “Don’t draw attention to it, don’t draw attention to it” for fear that if I did, Oscar would get spooked. Then he walked up to it, said ‘ “Hey! There’s someone in there!” and then walked away. Well, that went better than I thought. But I’m still haunted by the Mummy.

And then came home to draw some of the things that we saw.

Ps., This may be so weird but Oscar and I continue to laugh at this monkey… who looks like he’s smiling for the camera. “SAY CHEEEEEEESE!”

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