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OOAKx15 / One of a Kind Show 2015 (Day three)

Hi! I’m writing slightly exhausted but in good spirits, after three consecutive 12 hour days at the One of a Kind Show (with help mid-day, so I can have a break and go pee) It has been ridiculously fun, I’ve met amazing people (many of who say they read my little space on the internet, which is SO FUN for me. Seriously, I love meeting you!)  My blog is my space online where I share my loves and passions, and this above is really a big one – my art, and my company. My career will always be art and design and I have some exciting business things in the New Year to tell you about. I want to thank you for sharing along in my journey, I have been caught off guard at stories of how long some of you have been reading my blog, or shopping with me, and I want to tell you it means the world to me to meet you. Really. It’s amazing! Anyhoooowww. Since there is a week left at the show, (ends December 6th) I thought I’d share some finds from the show that perhaps may make you come down to shop! 


 I bought Oscar “Popeye” the Monster on the first night when Oscar came to visit me. (I miss him so!) This is by Velvet Moustache and is AMAZING. His eye pops out. LOL!!! Have a five year old boy? This is THE BEST GIFT. You must visit her booth. 

Claire Manning / BOOTH I05

Claire Manning Illustrations / I picked up a tea towel, and fell in love with her prints!


Lovefresh. You have to visit. She has new shampoos and the deodorant works, and is all natural. She’s in the Y section which is different than other years so go find her. And check out her new AMAZING booth. 

Made in Brockton Village / Y51

After visiting Stacey at Lovefresh, walk up the aisle to Made In Brockton Village and check out her sweet stationery line. 

I’m not sure who was selling this but Cindy McKay stopped by to chat and she had purchased this and I freaked out. Isn’t this gorgeous!? (If anyone knows the maker, let us know! We couldn’t find any seller reference on the packaging!)

Ok folks. I’m pooooped out. But I thought you may like to see SOME of the great booths here at the show. There are a ton more and I’ll try to post again, while you still have days to come down and visit. I know it gets SUPER overwhelming. Oh, and this year the show has FOOD TRUCKS. Game changer. 

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