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countdown to the OOAK show…

We’re going into a 11 days of craziness as I embark on my first One of a Kind Show as an exhibitor. I’m really excited, but also a little nervous as to how it will impact things at home (my first thoughts always go to Oscar). He’s at an age now where it will be fine, but still – I’ll be gone a lot more than usual and I hate asking for help. I’m not very good at it, so the one thing that is stressing me out is that I have had to ask for help from people. I have a great support system around me, family, friends – oh, I have the best, best friends – friends who have lent their husbands to help Aubrey build the booth on setup day, friends that have offered to come bring me coffee, booth sit, or even, pick up Oscar from school. And Aubrey, oh – my sweet Aubrey. I designed the booth and told him what I wanted it to look like and he just pulled it together for me. He built my walls, and we laid out where all the shelves were going to go. We had a near divorce moment (documented here) but we have bounced back from that, I am please to say. LOL! He’s been my rock. Mix in a barfing kid, me being sick with a cold and, trying to keep the household as “normal” as possible, it hasn’t been easy. 

I'll have to share this DIY on how I made my own wrapping paper display! 

I’ll have to share this DIY on how I made my own wrapping paper display! 

I’ll do a proper “how we built the booth” post, as I found that I really, really appreciated the posts where other exhibitors shared their knowledge (most people I found were from exhibiting at the NSS but it’s still rather applicable) Anyhow, so I’ll definitely post what I learned from the whole experience after the show is done, and, I’ve had time to soak in my bathtub for a few days.  If you’re in Toronto – do come by and say hello! (I’m booth I51)

xoxo Linds

Ps., I’m going to share over the next few days some scheduled blog posts where I share some great Holiday projects that I’ve done in the past that are worthy of a re-share. 

Although I won’t be posting new stuff here while I’m at the show, you can follow me through the OOAK madness with me on Instagram (@LindsayStephenson) or on Facebook here.

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