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For my One Of A Kind Show booth, I’ve had my logo made up out of wood and I wanted to have it look like it was a gold sign. I researched first getting a brass logo made up but the price was ridiculous, and plus – wood means I can switch around the logo colours later if I’d like to. I knew that finding the *right* gold I knew would be a wee issue.

Here’s the thing. The logo wasn’t inexpensive to make, so I wanted to test out paints prior to painting the actual logo itself. I had three gold spray paints in my possession so I decided to test them all out on wood.

1. Krylon Prestige, Gold Spray Paint
This one I thought would be the winner from having used it in the past on projects, but when it went on the wood it really came off pretty flat. The cap is not at all like what you get.  Not the winner.

2. Krylon Outdoor, Metallic
This definitely goes on very lightly and doesn’t have too much gold in it. The cap is pretty true to how I feel as though it looks. There is one coat on this, but if you kept going you may reach more of the cap colour. Lots of little sparkle flecks so it’s actually quite pretty for a fairy project or something that doesn’t need to be true gold. One of my favourite sprays because of the sparkle, but definitely not really a true gold. Not going to work.

3. Krylon Metallic, Gold
I’m not sure what to say other than it actually looks more like copper. Thumbs down.

So with all three ruled out I decided to go out to find another brand….

4. WINNER! Sabotaz Gold Metallic Paint
I drove over to Deserre’s and asked for their gold Spray paints. I saw the Sabotaz line behind lock and key and I asked for their gold. I came home, did one spray on a piece of wood and knew INSTANTLY that this was the winner. This is the BEST. It sprays so nicely, wide strokes and the gold is REALLY gold.

So here are my lasercut letters — I put them in little baskets as they have screws on the back, so that I can screw the letters into the booth when I’m ready.

With the winning gold spray paint …..

After a few coats!! Huzzah!

You can see how the booth is coming over on Instagram. 😉

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    One Of A Kind Show - building the booth • Lindsay Stephenson
    March 29, 2016 at 2:04 pm

    […] After a ton of research of what I wanted a booth to be like Aubrey built my walls for the 5 x 15 booth out of MDF in our garage. Building the booth ahead of time helped me visualize where everything would go and what I needed in terms of display units. With the walls up I started to fill the area. So the first thing I did was have my logo made my Straight Laser here in Toronto in plain wood and then sprayed them gold using my new favourite gold paint. […]

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