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If you’ve ever been to a spa, you may notice that they have the most glorious aroma through the air that instantly calms you – and I started researching how to get some aromatherapy at home. I walked into a store called SAJE at Vaughn Mills and was totally captivated by the aroma and their Nebulizers which disperse essential oils into the air. They were glorious, but also a little pricey for me being such a novice, so I left empty handed. That night I saw this SpaRoom Diffuser on Zulily for pennies and thought it was a good introductory step into the world of diffusers. I didn’t like the essential oils scent that came with the machine, so bought these two essential oil blends online and, fell in love. 

Good Night Blend Via / Stress Relief Blend Via

Good Night Blend Via / Stress Relief Blend Via

You’re getting a little insight into what I need help with the most over here. LOL! The Good Night blend I mixed with Coconut Oil and massaged onto my neck and was instantly calmed (You never put essential oils directly on your skin, you need a carrier oil like Coconut Oil). The Stress Relief I put into my diffuser and it filled the room with the most lovely scent. And with only essential oils in the mix, you know it’s not harmful to you or your little ones to breathe in. Now that I know I love this whole process, I may return to SAJE and pick up this Nebulizer that I love (Or, ask Santa for it) because I want one on every floor of my house. 

I’m not the only one that loves the aromatherapy over here. Since he was a baby, Oscar has loved evening massages before bedtime. I stopped doing it but recently started it up again, when I noticed our bedtime routines were getting out of whack. It’s a lovely tradition to start, as it’s Mom + child bonding time (or, Dad and Baby!) I mix an essential oil (his favourite is lavender) with coconut oil and massage his chest, his legs, toes, fingers and he just goes into a calm state. When he doesn’t want a massage any longer he just says “All done” and we get him into his PJ’s and he drifts into a lovely sleep. 

If you’re new to essential oils, like I was – I picked up this starter set off Amazon that gave me a lovely collection of a variety of essential oils. The Eucalyptus I use on Oscar when he has a cold and it helps his coughing, and the lavender I use for massage. They are so many uses that oils have for families. Also this set includes the two blends that I’m loving right now. 

I also picked up this book that I’m finding pretty interesting. It’s pretty intense, and some of the recipe’s that she gives you in the book are with oils that I’ve never heard of, but it’s still giving me an introductory idea of the world of essential oils. 

Anyhow, the house is smelling lovely and I’m chilled out. 😉 

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