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I drew this card while at the cottage over the summer break – we have an Oak tree right by our back door and I practiced drawing the oak leaves for weeks. I fell in love with the pattern so much, that even though Canadians don’t generally send “Happy Thanksgiving” cards, I couldn’t help but turn it into a gold foil card because I was so in love with the pattern. It’s tricky sometimes to decide when to turn something into a card, and, when to let it rest and just stay a design – but at my heart as an artist I just fall in love with patterns and pieces and it seems wrong to not see them through to the final product. Have a lovely thanksgiving! (PS., This card is reduced almost 50% for this weekend, so to my American friends who maybe DO send Thanksgiving Cards, it’s a lovely time to grab it!!) xo Lindsay

Card available in my main shop here / or Etsy

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