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julie’s baby shower

My sweet friend Julie is expecting her third baby next week and as the Summer wound to an end a few weeks ago we realized that no one was throwing a shower.  I’m of the mindset that we should always find ways to celebrate (I love throwing garden parties!) and nothing is better than celebrating a baby …. or celebrating the Mom for having carried a baby for nine months. Because seriously. It’s hard stuff carrying a child. 

It also helped that timing wise, our garden construction was JUST done. (You get a sneak peek of our new garage above -full reveal to come soon) so it was a perfect opportunity to host a garden party. Also, neighborhood parties are the best as all the Mom’s can walk over, and, walk home – so little need for rushing out the door. (Or worrying about not having a drink because you have to drive!)

Dessert from Bobbette and Belle (SO GOOD)

Dessert from Bobbette and Belle (SO GOOD)

I kept it pretty simple because it was technically after dinner time, so light fare was acceptable. I was running short on time the days leading up to the party, so on the morning of the party I zipped over to Bobbette and Belle and picked up cupcakes and some macaroons for dessert. Not only are they delicious but they present so nicely for such a special occasion. The hit of the food table is always this. It’s so simple, and yet appears to be uber fancy. 

Although food and decorating is never an issue for me (I go crazy for that stuff) I was a little stuck for what to do for “entertainment”.  I called up my friend Stacey from LOVEFRESH and asked her if she knew of anyone to help talk about natural baby products at the shower – as I thought it would be a nice non stressful (and informative!) thing for a baby shower – especially since all of the attendees were also Mom’s, and I love, love the all natural lines. With it being Julie’s third baby, I wanted to eliminate any games – been there done that. So something more geared to the guests was my goal. 

Stacey herself doesn’t do these things but perhaps it was the panic in my voice, or, the frantic texts and after a few days, Stacey told me she was coming (huzzah!) and was behind the new Canadian company, Lines of Elan.  Although Lines of Elan and, LoveFresh are similar body care companies, they have complimentary views on all natural products and their philosophies are intertwined. (I love women that support women, even when you have similar companies)

So on the night of the shower, we learned how to make an all natural balm using three products, had a little demonstration. The guests left with gift bags with products like LoveFresh’s pretty famous all natural deodorant (SERIOUSLY try it. It works). And some balms from Lines of Elan that are gorgeous. (Side note – Julie stopped me in Starbucks to tell me how much she LOVED the balm from Lines of Elan this morning and was hooked!)

Anyhow, I tell you this story all to kind of inspire you to maybe think outside of the box as to “games”. Maybe bring in a manicurist (The Beaches Ten Spot came to one of my parties and I DO have to write about that – but it was AMAZING). Or, hire someone who’se a professional to talk about products that a Mom may like. 

Here’s a little video from our party!


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