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bits + pieces, end of summer….

Quiet morning in the house...

Quiet morning in the house…

Excuse the lack of posts, or energy directed to my blog. Life has been so lovely “offline” that it has been hard to sit down and write, which I do love to do during the rest of the year when we have more of a schedule (ex., school!) Life has been going to the cottage, spending time walking our neighborhood with Oscar, spending time with friends and family – and finishing up our garage project that has turned into the most beautiful addition to our home, greater than I had ever imagined. Anyhow, for now here are some things that have been happening the last few days as we soak in the last days of Summer. 

I was in HomeSense and spotted my work in the Art section – which was a surprise as it typically is only in the Children’s section. I’m so glad to see that HomeSense saw it as a fit for “big kid” walls. Wouldn’t this be perfect on a gallery wall?! Love, love it. And no. It never gets old seeing your stuff on the shelf of a store you love. 

And I was pretty excited to see that one of my favourite print styles, for I just love the term “hip hip hooray” is on canvas in their kids section. Love this. 

Oscar and my sister rescued this little caterpillar from the lake. Oscar was just in love with him, making sure he was happy on land, pulling grass for him to eat (as in, putting grass in front of wherever the Caterpillar was walking). Such a fuzzy little dude. 

I’m helping pick some design finishes for a reno / design and it is going to be SO pretty. The construction by Dave Tomlinson (who is really, the nicest contractor in Toronto) and the architect was Brenda MacKneson – here is a shot of the bathroom, where we’ve decided to do the subway tile, and use a bullnose to edge it. (More photos coming soon!)

Again, my apologies for neglecting my little space online – but I’ll be back shortly with better updates on what I’ve been working on for my business, plans for the Fall, building projects we’ve been working on. But for now – I must say goodnight and I’m going to go read my NextIssue in bed. 😉 xox to all. – Linds

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