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1. Princeton Jr. / Schoolhouse Electric 2. Flynn Sconce 3. Boston Sconce  4. Restoration Hardware 5. House Of Troy 6. Hyde Park Swing Lamp 7. Boston (in Nickle Finish)

So here’s my newest obsession. Finding two sconces for our TV room.

I posted this to Instagram the other day and thought it was worthy of a full post here. I’m thinking of adding in two wall sconces above the fireplace and in between the linen roman blinds. We have little light in this room (other than sunlight – of which there is plenty) so at night it tends to be terribly dark as we rely on one lone table light. It hasn’t posed too much of a problem because really, we use this room for watching TV – so you don’t need much light. But it would be nice to have some extra ambient lighting, especially during the winter months.

Number seven is my favourite by far but also, by far way out of reach for my budget. So I’ll keep searching and maybe come across something comporable, or, save up for a few years and invest in ones I really, really want. But it does seems pretty pricey, especially when you factor in you need two lights. I thought I initially wanted white, but black does seem like it may fit in nicely, tying in with the fireplace below. But I’m also open to brass – thoughts?

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    Lynne from Design The Life You Want to Live
    September 2, 2016 at 10:22 am

    Hi Linds! I have the Princeton wall sconce… it’s beautiful in real life… but it did have a bit of glitch when we installed it. I think they have since improved it and they were GREAT with customer service to make it right. School house electric has such great style! xoxooxxo

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