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Garage Build Day 1 & 2

The first day of the garage build was officially Monday! YAY! Aubrey spent the day taking down our fence, to make room for the concrete pad and, new build. Later on that day we headed to Lowes as they were having a 15% off door sale, to look at patio doors for our garden side of the enclosed garage. 

For the doors we are going with double glass doors, that will open out into the garden, which means we get more working space in the actual garage. In addition, it will look lovely from our house – when we look outback. 

I inquired about hiring someone to come in and do our doors (like a window / door company) but it was ridiculously expensive. Aubrey has installed a door before, so we knew that they start off reasonably priced when you buy them at a Home Depot, Lowes or Rona so not always is it necessary to go with a door company. A Home Depot / Lowes or Rona will offer you the service of someone to install, but 1. we’ll have our guys on the site putting up the build and if it doesn’t arrived in time (as in, they are done and we’re still waiting for the doors) we have option No. 2 which is Aubrey will be able to install them. 

Ideally the doors would have been ordered black, but once we start customizing doors we go from a standard order (white) to custom (black), which gets all craaaazy with pricing. We’re not afraid of some DIY (painting!!) and such, so we’re ordering the most basic set of glass doors and working our magic on them. Which will save us over $1500. I kid you not. I was concerned about painting a white door, black – as I’ve heard that there is warping concerns when you paint an exterior finish that is white, to black. But we’ve been assured it is fine, and I’ve seen specialty paints on the market that address this particular issue. At this point in the game, after having done so many renovations – it’s not worth that major upgrade in cost to get doors pre-painted or, in a specialty colour. (Plus I have a paint sprayer, which I look for oppertunities to use ALL THE TIME)


The PODS is for our neighbours, who are doing a home reno. 

The PODS is for our neighbours, who are doing a home reno. 

The guys came and built a form for the concrete pad and, moved our existing shed slightly which meant Aubrey had to empty the entire contents of our shed, so that it was light enough to move. Which also means our dining room is filled with stuff, because I’m not about to leave anything worth saving, out in a garden for someone to take. So for the time being, our home is a shed. 

Aubrey thinking about something.

Aubrey thinking about something.

Next step is that they have to come back and dig some more in the middle, and then we call the city inspector to sign off on this stage and we can then pour concrete! 

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