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i’m still wearing my pajamas and it’s 3pm

So, it has been boring on my blog lately. And it hit me over the weekend, as to why. As you may know, I really try to refrain from posting too much about Oscar. But over the last few months, my “Mom” duties have picked up, and Oscar has needed me more. My life is much more about being a Mom these days, and when you’re someone that has made a point to not write about your kid. Well, it leaves little to be written about! 😉 

I’ve struggled with it really, as it’s so easy and fun to post things your kid does, and I’ve struggled with how to do it. Then on Friday I posted this picture to InstagramI was feeling a little overwhelmed when I wrote it – terribly worried about Oscar, and also out of sorts because lately, there have been so many life changes in my life – all prompted by me, but changes never the less. The changes have left me feeling insecure and, in uncharted territory.  

But here’s the thing. When I did share on Instagram, the comments in the post comforted me as I lay in bed with Oscar from Friday night until Sunday morning. He didn’t get out of bed, and yet I felt comforted  by strangers, and it made me re appreciate the good that social media has. Often, I think to myself about the negatives of social media- feeling the constant stream of pressure when you see others landing collaborations, or picking up new retailers. And I forgot the reason why I love social media – people are nice, and a few words of encouragement are really what a Mom needs to hear.  

Anyhow, I’ll be back with roundups, some new house projects, and things we’re planning. But right now I’m off to pick Oscar up from school and go for a playdate at a friends house. (Ps., I’m still in my PJ’s from this morning, and haven’t had a chance to change) 

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