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One Of A Kind Show, Spring

The Spring One Of A Kind Show was last week and I went Thursday night with my girlfriend for some late night shopping.  I picked up some cookies for Oscar from Mad Battery Bakery, and some natural deodorant (it works, I swear) for myself from Lovefresh, some Matter Co. products for us for this Summer at the Cottage (like a natural bug repellent, sunscreen, and some body balm that is good for bug bites, scrapes, and even dry skin.) I picked up a new skin moisturizer from Eaune, who happens to be opening a place up in the Upper Beach area of Toronto (my hood!) I’m not 100% sure the moisturizer is for me (nothing is ever a 1 for all I find) but the entire line is lovely. 

There was an ETSY section which is always fun.  Here are some items from Etsy sellers there this year…

As a side note – Walking through the show this year I’m contemplating applying (no guarantee I’d get in) to the Christmas show. There is an application process, and expense in both attending and, building a booth. With the shop now no longer, Oscar at an age that is slightly more predictable, I think I have more “time” that I can dedicate to adventures like doing a show. So we’ll see. I mean it would be an awesome thing to do but nothing is ever for sure. 

Happy Monday!

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