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We’re still researching lighting for the eat in kitchen. With the new windows that look out onto our garden, we don’t want something that will block the view – so we’re staying away from drum chandeliers such as the one that was hanging here before. One other thing that is a consideration is that the ceiling height isn’t very grand. It’s actually a shorter room than throughout the rest of the house. (It was an addition that was added to the house prior to us purchasing) Anyhow, Here are some of the lights that have caught my eye…


OPTION NO. 1  / The Devon Chandelier is my first choice. But at a diameter of 35″ it’s the same dimension as the depth of our table, which makes me concerned that it’s just simply too big. But I love it so. This one from Visual Comfort Co. comes in as a similar style, smaller but unfortunately, really expensive. Blurg.


OPTION NO. 2 / This one is trendier than I normally for, and if money weren’t an issue, and I could switch it out when my tastes change, then I may feel more comfortable taking this leap but I don’t really decorate that way over here. Aubrey gravitates towards lighting like this, and the finish does tie in with our kitchen well. I’m not ruling it out, but it’s a little “out there” for me.


OPTION NO. 3 / These. Oh my goodness. Gorgeous. Aubrey and I were thinking this would work right away but then we wondered if it is better suited for an island in a kitchen, not a kitchen table. Thoughts?


OPTION NO. 4 / This light from West Elm always catches my eye, and coming it at the lowest cost out of all ($399) It’s pretty amazing style for little investment. But the finishes aren’t represented anywhere else in the kitchen which makes me worried about whether it really works in our house. I’m more of a polished nickle lady, so I don’t want the price and similarity to what I want, to drive the purchase.

See some of my lighting faves over on Pinterest.


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