In Valentine's Day

the pink gift bag

My brother was in town yesterday for dinner, and I haven’t seen him in the longest time so I headed to my Mom’s house to join the rest of the family. Typically I would drive, but Aubrey was taking Oscar to skating lessons so I took a ride on the subway. I used to hate the subway – always thinking that getting a drive was much more comfortable. However now I find it a convenience that I actually really enjoy. You aren’t trying to find parking, paying for parking, dealing with traffic delays. I put my earphones on, and go off into my own little world for a little bit. Granted if I had to do major shopping I’m not sure I’d find the lack of car as convenient, but for getting to and from a destination, I do love it.

On my way home after dinner, was waiting for the bus and saw these two. The boy was hiding the gift bag behind his back for the longest time, and at the end – presented it to the girl. Something about it just made me so happy. The idea that he had gone out and bought something for his love, carried this pink heart bag with him to meet her. Then I start to wonder how long they’ve been seeing each other, does she love him? Are they going to get married one day, or part ways. It brought back a flood of memories of Aubrey and I dating as teenagers. The ups and downs, the signs of affection, the breakups over silly and, not so silly things. There are so many moments that you remember as you get older.

Anyhow, obviously I need to get out more because a simple subway ride had me making up their life story.

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