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Recipe Recommendation / Looney Spoons Banana Bread

I found myself with four ripe bananas on my counter the other day and, was surprised to realized that I actually had all of the other ingredients on hand to make banana bread. It was a miracle! Typically my bananas go into the freezer for smoothies, or are snatched up by one of us running out the door. I think we go through a dozen bananas a week. They don’t stick around long enough for baking.

Upon realizing that I had all of the necessary ingredients to bake I rounded up all of the ingredients, measured them out and placed them out on our kitchen table. I called Oscar into the kitchen and got him to actually “make” the recipe. I’m not the first to do this kind of thing – laying out the pre-measured ingredients for children – has been done by Mother’s, and Mother’s – Mother’s before me. But I still am always surprised at how much easier, and nicer it makes the baking process for me as I’m not worried about finding ingredients etc. I just allow Oscar to go bananas, making his own bread. (Pun most definitely intended) Plus, he was so proud to have made the banana bread all by himself. 

This recipe came out of the Looney Spoons Collection Recipe Book and it was a huge success! Even Aubrey, after taking a bite said it was amazing – which is less a reflection on me and more on the recipe itself. 

They call for super ripe bananas because in their recipe they don’t have any white sugar, and note that the more ripe the bananas, the sweeter they are. (I had no idea!) So the ripeness was a necessity. I left out the pecans and chocolate chips that the recipe called for (I didn’t have any) and in the end, you really didn’t need the added elements.

I love my cookbooks and as I’m simplifying my life, I’m trying to take time to just try normal things like finding a recipe in a book and trying it out. Simple pleasures. 🙂 

Banana Bread from the LooneySpoons Collection
Recipe Rating: A+
Simplicuty: Super Simple

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