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Photography Series / Part 4 – Using Fabrics

Continuing on with my photography series – this post is about one of my tricks that I used to use frequently while shooting products for my shop – using fabric as a backdrop. I adore fabric because it adds a warmth you can’t get in other ways. However it is tricky to work with. To give you an idea of how it is done well, the folks over at BHLDN utilize fabric throughout their website. 

Fabric won’t be for everyone – but it’s a great think to consider if you’re looking for some creativity in your photography. Below are some photos that were in my shop. The backdrop below is actually my bulletin board from my office. I used to take it off the wall, bring it upstairs to where there was great sunlight and shoot product. Then, I would lug it back down.. The fabric? Painters tarp from Home Depot. It worked well because the fabric was stapled tight to the board and had little creasing. The fabric doesn’t stand out as fabric at first glance (you don’t want people looking at the fabric, but instead, your product) but adds a warmth that I wasn’t getting with a painted board. 

In an effort to show some alternative looks to what I normally do, I hit up Fabricland for some of these burlap fabrics in gorgeous jewel tones (shown below). 

As you can see below, the fabric creases, and you can see imperfections like pulls in the fabric or, other inconsistencies. Granted, this is how it looked straight out of the bag when I got home from buying the fabric and little to no prep work was done. 

Again, one way to combat the messy look is to staple the fabric to a board. You can pull the fabric taut and it will stretch out those wrinkles. You could also potentially steam the wrinkles them out. Last but not least you could photoshop out some inconsistencies 

Just another idea to consider when you’re shooting products for your shop or, blog posts! Enjoy!

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