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Borax Crystals

Although I knew about the crazy experiment of making borax crystals, it was when I saw the crystal topped jewelry box project over on Etsy by Amanda Kingloff that my love affair with the craft was reignited.  Check out the Etsy blog for the how to but I’ve also done a little video* of how I made mine.

Some tips – if the crystals don’t work, which in my case once they didn’t, I re-heated the water, and added more borax to the mix. Also, I found that pipe cleaners that had more “air” to them (opposed to being wound super tight and over, and over itself, grew  better crystals)

Just some fun for today. xo

UPDATE: Tanya did a post on these too, and her details are actually way cooler, and her results are pretty ridiculous. So if you want to make these, actually head over to Tanya’s blog because I think I’ll be following her instructions the next time! Thanks Jordana for letting me know! xo

*Part of my new years goals was to get more into video, because it’s ridiculously fun and challenging! 

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