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So, some big changes…

October, 2012 – Spotting my work at HomeSense / Original Post here

I’ve written perhaps three to four versions of this post however each were eventually scrapped because they were too long, too deep, too reflective. In this process I came to realize that each posts prior to this were never meant to be published – they were a way for me to work through thoughts.  Just like a letter to a boyfriend, friend or business associate – sometimes that first draft is too filled with emotion yet by the fourth draft – it’s much more eloquent, composed and reasonable. The same can be said for blog posts, when you’re writing about life changes that are pretty big.

So the big change that is happening over here is that after ten years, I’m closing my retail store.

With all the growth that I’ve experience professionally over the last ten years, but more so in the last three, I’ve reached a point where art and design – my true loves – are actually my career – My art is in retail stores, I’m signed with an art publisher. I found it terribly hard to handle it all –  creating art, running a store and all that it all entails – and at the same time, maintain some sense of sanity at home. The last year although creatively rewarding, was terribly stressful.

The Penny Paper Co. is therefore changing from retail to wholesale. I’ll be creating work for my publishers, and working with my retailers, but running a major operation that was – was too much. I’ll still have a little Etsy store because I love Etsy, and I love testing new products out in the market that way. It’s a way for me to have my finger on the pulse, yet at the same time not have the overhead costs of running a big website as I was running. Etsy is a good step for me and easy to shut off, should I get too busy with wholesale. This is all somewhat terrifying because I’m cutting off what has been my primary income for 10 years. ACK!

Anyhow, that’s it! Phewh! That is a weight off my shoulders. 🙂 2015 is going to be a good year and I hope you’ll follow along as I write about it here – being a full time artist and getting messy with paint and having fun with graphic design. xo

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