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This living room by Horton Design Associates 

This living room by Horton Design Associates 

Thank you for your lovely comments on Instagram, Twitter and even on the blog post itself from this week where I explained the details of the evolution of the shop from retail to wholesale. Truth be told, I’m still weirded out by it a little – the shop was SO friggin’ busy that with a self imposed “time out” for a little bit, regrouping and tidying up things, I’m feeling a little lost. My intentions are obviously to redirect that time I was spending on running such a big operation, into other areas – exploring other creative avenues, expanding my art collection, product design and other fun collaborations, but it still feels weird and I’m kind of wandering the house tidying up, wondering if I’ve made a huge mistake. It feels weird to have time. I mean, I have work to do, but the constant go-go-go that I was doing I think became normal. (And stressful, let’s stress the word stressful). Anyhow, the little Etsy shop will keep me feeling like I haven’t forgone selling entirely. Sorry for the slow run at getting the blog back up and running for 2015. For the time being, I thought I’d post a bits + pieces post that I typically do via my newsletter these days. xoxoxox to all. 

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