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Christmas Peppermint Stir Sticks

This really is¬†a project that needs little details on how to accomplish¬†– but instead I’m posting it it for inspiration should you be throwing a Holiday party this season and are looking for little details to add a little pizzazz. The bulk stores have an array of Holiday themed candies – including these peppermint sticks (10 for $1.00!)

Step 1: Melt chocolate wafers (I used the double broiler method)
Step 2: When the chocolate is liquid, dip the peppermint into the chocolate
Step 3: Set the peppermint sticks on a cookie sheet
Step 4: Let the chocolate harden slightly, and then sprinkle some sprinkles lightly over the chocolate. The reason I let the chocolate sit a bit is that you want the excess chocolate to dip off, and you don’t want it to take the sprinkles with it.

Final step is to put in your hot chocolate and enjoy!

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