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DIY Christmas Gifts / Peppermint Hot Chocolate in a Jar

Again, nothing uber complicated here – just some inspiration for your holiday gifting this year! I filled mason jars with hot chocolate mix and candy cane, marshmallows and some of the DIY Peppermint Stir Sticks and it makes for a pretty sweet (pun intended) gift. 

INGREDIENTS YOU NEED: Hot Chocolate Mix. Mini Marshmallows. Candy Canes. Mason Jar. 
Other Posts: How to make the stir sticks. 

STEP 1: Hot Chocolate
Fill your jar with hot chocolate mix. You can make your own mix, I just went to the Bulk Barn and loaded up on some. I’m picking my battles this season. Making my own hot chocolate isn’t one of them. 

STEP 2: Layer in some marshmallows

STEP 3: I’m a sucker for plain red and white candy canes – so opted to just do that colour combo of candy cane. I put a whack load of them in my food processor and used the PULSE function – being careful to not over blend the candy canes – which would result in a really fine dust – which Oscar excitedly called “Christmas dust” and thought it was magical – because it floats up into the air and smells lovely when you open up the food processor after blending. Although the fine dust is lovely to use, you want some “chunks” for presentation in the jar. Layer some on top of the marshmallows.

STEP 4: You can finish off the jar with some red and white candies. 

STEP 5: Attach some of your homemade chocolate stir sticks. 

STEP 5: Go to the Dollar store and get a white mug, and put it all together for a lovely gift!

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