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new fireplace!


The other night while watching TV I turned to Aubrey and said  “…wouldn’t it be nice to have a fireplace in this room?” Surprisingly, Aubrey agreed. Not missing a beat I quickly pulled out my phone and started googling electric fireplaces to see what we would be looking at in terms of cost, and, whether we could find one that wasn’t too deep, or, too tall for our room. I was surprised at how reasonable some were in cost, and, looked “real” in the design. I’m not a fan of modern fireplaces – and, I was still a little apprehensive as to whether an electric would actually give me the same “feeling” as a real fireplace, or even a gas.

We were limited in height because of the window, and we were limited in depth because we couldn’t block the view to the TV. I should also mention we were limited on budget – all which came down to that gas wasn’t an option. I knew this from having researched gas fireplaces for our formal living room and the cost was too prohibitive. We found this particular one online at HomeDepot and after Aubrey confirmed the measurements were a-ok I bought it online and 2 days later it arrived at our doorstep.

LOVE IT. Every night Aubrey and I  put it on. You can have it just with the flames, or, with the heater on so it acts as a heater for our room – which although we’ve gone to a lot of trouble to keep this room warm (new windows, new door) it still gets a little chilly at night. This cuts through that chill and warms up the room.

The fan is not totally silent, so at first I was a little apprehensive if I was ok with that. But in the end I love the look of the fireplace so much, and how it changes the use of our room, that I’ve just grown to like it.


I’ve never had a mantle before so I’m playing around (or, obsessively moving things around according to my husband) so the “vignette” changes quite often. 😉


Flamelux Fireplace purchased online at The Home Depot. 

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