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how to make snow covered pinecones

When I walk Oscar to school in the morning I always find myself picking up one of two pine-cones in the schoolyard that have fallen from the pine trees. I knew I’d try a craft with them, initially thinking I’d paint them, but I decided to try something different using white puffy paint. 

I wanted to make the pinecones look like they had snow on them, so I added a dab of white puff paint to each leaf of the pinecone, as if the pinecone had been sitting out in the garden, after a snowfall – I consider where would the snow have fallen on it – so that’s where I squeeze some paint. 

Let the puff paint try, and then arrange on the mantle or as a part of another scene and you have a pretty ridiculouly cute decor. 

Ps., You can find pinecones in most garden centres this time of year too for not that much $

I picked up my puffy paint at Michael’s, but it’s a common stock item at all craft stores!
Example: Walmart,  Amazon (You can use fabric puff paint – it totally doesn’t matter!)

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