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building a garage….maybe?

There are very, very few projects left in our house and I would say that the following one is maybe one of the biggest ones. We’re thinking of adding a garage to the back of our property. Cue excitement and gut wrenching terror. We have a laneway, and two parking spaces outback where we can park. But because of Canadian winters (S-N-O-W) and, needing some extra storage space, we’ve been contemplating maximizing our space, and building something out back. But because I’m crazy, and artsy fartsy and don’t do anything easily around here – I really want the side of the garage that we see from the house – not to look like a garage but instead – look like a little cottage / studio. Because that means we could kind of chill back there in the Summer. I could maybe open up the doors and do some painting / crafting / photography work.

We’ve been collection images of inspiration for awhile. Above was a shot I did a screen capture of an actual cottage I liked, while reading HGTV magazine (on my beloved Next Issue app) and thought that from the garden side, this would be a really nice look. On the opposite side would be a garage door. We gave this picture to Nathan from BLDG Workshop Inc.  who reached out via Twitter when he saw that we were in the planning stages of a garage, and he drew us up some plans, as you can see below.

The garage would have all glass on the garden side, have a car port attached to the side, and a garage door, that opened up to the laneway behind. He referenced the project below, that he had done, as what it would look like when complete. We’d have a low profile deck as grass doesn’t grow back there.



Isn’t it beautiful?! It’s also, really expensive to make. So right off the bat, we knew it wasn’t a possibility. Not even close. It was fun to contemplate a fully “custom” garage for a brief moment in time but now we’re looking at buildings we can do from plans, and have a few ideas. Let me show you some beauties that I’m in LOVE with.

From the laneway side, here are looks I adore. All different, but all lovely!

via Anne Decker Architects

 (Kenwood Renovation)


Evergreen Carriage Doors


and the next one. Can I just say OMG.


Fair enough. The last one isn’t reeeeeeally a garage. (Aubrey just walked by and rolled his eyes at me) But a girl can dream.

This is the easy and free part – dreaming. It’s the next stage – reality, that is the hardest. Oh, and obviously finding the pennies in the couch to save up.

Stay tuned!

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    July 4, 2016 at 1:13 pm

    […] The reveal of our garden makeover was shown here, as an added bonus to the reveal of our furniture from Lowe’s. But what I really want to address is the amount of detail that we really put into this project. So backtracking to the beginning, the project started because we were in desperate need of more space. Space for me to do photoshoots, space for some storage and, space for entertaining or, doing hosting. We turned our attention to the garden, where we had space in which we could build a new structure. In November 2014 I wrote this post that showed some inspiration. […]

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    carol potter
    March 12, 2017 at 9:45 am

    you have inspired me to think outside of the box..prefab box that is.

    I wold love to see more

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