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A Roundup of my favourite holiday projects

Over the years I’ve done some Christmas projects that are so much fun, easy, and hold so many memories that they become a welcomed tradition.  I wanted to do a roundup of what projects I’ve loved for the Holiday season, and hopefully you can bookmark some if they look appealing, to do in your house as well.

Growing Paperwhites, Making Candied Oranges, The Best Sugar Cookies Ever, and my favourite – DIY Felt Leaf Garland. 

The Paper White Project would be a great one to really start now  —- one of these would make an AMAZING hostess gift. Use an old pickle jar, or, a dollar store vase and fill it with rocks – start growing now and they will be growing just enough by the time the Holidays are really here. You can find paper whites scattered around the city – I picked up a few boxes of paper whites at the grocery store but you likely can find them at Home Depot, Canadian Tire etc.


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