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#HelpingMyLittleBrotherDecorate – Bedroom Reveal

And finally – the other room we chose to decorate, with the help of Leon’s. The Bedroom. Lindsay and Peter chose the Whitely collection (which I pronounce the white -ley collection because it’s white but I think it’s pronounced the whit-ley collection) It’s white, and, pretty grand. This room was the one that was giving me trouble in terms of coming up with a “look” – but in the end, is is the room I’m most in love with. I LOVE white. It’s my wall colour throughout my house, and I have it for my own bedding.

When I arrived at their place to style their place, this is how the room looked, which I can appreciate is likely how many of us have our rooms. We spend all of our money on the furniture, and then stare at it wondering how on earth we’re to style it. Although I love white, I think you need to bring in some colour / pattern in somewhere, in order to bring in style. Especially if your headboard is as white as your bedding.

The most common thing I think is to head to a store and buy a matching duvet set with matching pillows and call it a day. I’m personally a proponent of white bedding – for me, it’s the most luxurious look and reminds me of a hotel. It also means you can switch up your look often, should you like to.  I don’t love 99% of patterned bedding. I feel as though it’s too much look for one room. (Like this. How many pillows does this bed need!?) But we needed some colour and pattern. And we had to do it in a relatively affordable way. And so, with a few accents, the bedroom set above went from the above, to this….

The throw on the bed was the jumping off point, as I showed in this post. From there it was pretty easy for me to get on a roll because the colours are really my colour pallet – I love cool tones, blues, greens, purples – everything goes together.

Some changes:


I switched out the lights that they had on their side tables for bigger ones that would be more in scale with the big headboard and also allow for them to read in bed.  Bigger lamps, minimizes the feeling that the bed is too big. I their existing lights to their dresser, and flanked each side – the height of the lights make the big mirror of the Whitley dresser set feel more in scale with the room. It also provides some beautiful light in the evening, should you not want the overhead light on.


I brought in three large Euro sized pillows from Tonic Living that was made in a dark blue linen. The pillow inserts are faux feather and feel like feather but aren’t, and therefore, not as expensive. Tonic made me a bolster cover in this fabric for an existing bolster form that I had (well, I stole from my Mom’s house) The custom pillows are what makes this room go from white, to AMAZEBALLS. (links to everything below)


I kept it pretty simple, going with the feeling that a bedroom should be relaxing and zen. On one side of the bed is an abstract print that I did, and on the other side, two smaller original pieces from Etsy hang. I lined them to no higher than the headboard.


I think every room needs plants – and lucky for them they have gorgeous light that makes their place a suitable home for a fiddle leaf fig tree. (i know, the blogger plant of the year) Also, I found a little piece of blue pottery while out in cottage country – I think it was $2, and I planted a little succulent in it. The blue of the pottery, plays into the blues throughout the rooms. A yellow Pehr hamper ties in the yellow from the bolster and has a similar pattern. The replication of colour and pattern, I think is what makes this work. There is also a hint of yellow in the throw, so we have the yellow in a few different places.

The investment in pillows isn’t inexpensive, perhaps the tally for the three on the back, the fabric, the pillow inserts (excluing the bolster) is around $350 (more or less). But it’s exactly what was needed to make this bed go from a showroom piece, to something warm and cozy and “designer”. Really, that’s a small, small price for really transforming a room!

And there you go! Our bedroom makeover! xo


Bedroom SetWhitley Collection from Leon’s

Custom Euro Pillows – Fabric, Sewing, and Inserts – All Tonic Living. Linen fabric – Tonic Living

Custom Bolster – Fabric and Sewing Tonic Living  (insert our own)

Bedding– Peter and Lindsay’s own

Vintage Wool Throw – Vintage, but similar ones can be found on Etsy

Side Tables and Lights– Ikea

Artwork – Abstract – Lindsay Stephenson, Cloud Painting by Roisin ReillyLandscape by Pamela Munger

Green Chair – Vintage – My Grandmother’s chair

Pillow on Green Chair / Kelly Wearstler pillow – Aurelia

Succulent and Pottery – Succulent from West Elm, Pottery was a vintage find

Hamper– Pehr

Basket – My own

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