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Halloween over the last four years…


We love Halloween over here – although I do think that it has gotten a little gory for my tastes. Some homes I walk by and there are decapitated bodies hanging from porches and I’m like “AVERT YOUR EYES!” and do stealth moves to distract Oscar. Once I missed a house and he just stared at it, said “That’s weird.” and continued on – unphased. Maybe it’s just me.I hate posting after a Holiday because everyone (including myself) are just done with it, and need a break. So, on that note I’m posting a reflection of the last few years of Halloween in our house. And Oscar. O.M.G. My little sweet man. I don’t think we’re doing matching banana costumes again this year. I have to say, Aubrey was a good sport for letting me stick that on him.

Through the years / 2011 Halloween2012 Halloween, Another 20122013 Halloween (Banana Year),  Projects: Halloween VasePipecleaner Bat

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