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Happy Friday!  Some changes that are happening to this blog that will be rolling out over the next few weeks. My interests are changing and the business is growing. I’m feeling a little shift, and, a little need for change. I love structure, I’m a little OCD that way – so I like to lay things out to have a plan. Here are some of those plans, that are rolling out over the next few weeks!

  • Bi-Weekly e-mails / I love to share my finds, but blog posts aren’t always the right space – so bi-weekly e-mails will show you shopping finds, roundups of posts that were popular and sales, discounts and more and also links to resources for your own blogs like the best free fonts and web design software. You can sign up here.
  • More “Roundup” posts – Since I’m not showing Oscar really on the blog, I’ve struggled with sharing kid related things (that’s 99% of my life!) but without showing Oscar. It’s harder than it looks. So I’m going to be embrace it and just show you roundups of things I love – because I love them and because I think you may too.  So coming up as of next week I’m letting go of this stigma that I’m a “decor” blog because I’m totally not anymore, and haven’t for some time.
  • Sharing photos of things I love. Just because. I’ve refrained from doing this in the past because I feel as though it comes off as lazy blogging. But then i remember, “Hey, this is my blog. I can blog whatever!” Because that’s the joy of blogging, no?
  • Behind the Scenes Photos – Photos on how I do product shoots / day in the life of posts – because sometimes what I think is mundane is really quite fun.
  • I’m letting go of this feeling that every blog post I put up needs thoughtful commentary to go with it. I’m running after a child, wanting to be an involved Mom and volounteer in the school, run my business and have meaningful friendships – my blog is a portion of my life. Like a sliver of it. And sometimes it’s daunting to feel like I need to write a LOT. I’m letting go of that. You may get one sentence posts. I kid you not.

Anyways, I hope you like the changes and if not – that’s ok too! But I think it will be more fun on the blog as I chill out about what I have to post about. 😉

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