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download (7) download (8)I hope you had a nice weekend! Saturday night we had a very impromptu bonfire in the garden.  With it getting darker earlier, the globe lights that I had put up for my party – and have yet to take down, sparkled in the night sky. It was a perfect night. Above are some shots of it – blurred with the Camera+ iPhone App – Great for blurring those kids photos that you don’t want to plaster all over the blog and yet, also a great function for globe lights in the night sky. 😉  This week is rather busy so it may be rather quiet on the blog as I tackle some business, some blog shoots for Leon’s and get into a groove of getting Oscar settled at school. Apologies in advance for dissapearing for the week, but my Mommy role is taking front seat and then business takes priority too. xo Linds

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