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cake in a cup

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A few nights before I hosted my garden party I was over at a girlfriends for a little birthday celebration. As I left to walk back to my house, she handed me a cupcake to take home in a red disposable cup (kind of synonymous with a frat party). It was cute, funny, and also – genius. I sat on the couch that night watching TV, eating the cupcake out of the cup. It wasn’t messy and the cake was contained.

The next day when I was contemplating the desserts for the party, that cupcake in the cup triggered an idea. No one likes standing at a party holding a cupcake in their hands – it’s so messy and, awkward. So, how about a mini cupcake in a cup? So, here is how I did it. It’s really easy, and doesn’t really need that much explanation but I’ll share how I did it.

First, I started with a cake in a box. (I used Duncan Hines Confetti Mix)

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Here’s a little trick – I add extra sprinkles to it, so it’s extra colourful.

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I don’t stir it too much, so it doesn’t get too murky, as the sprinkles settle 

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Make mini cupcakes – For added measure, I sprinkle extra on top of the mini cupcakes 

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When baked, you’ll have sweet little cupcakes like so…

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From the dollar store, get some of the disposable wine glasses. Place a mini cupcake in – I found I liked it when they went in upside down. Next comes the icing.

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I’ll post my own person icing recipe this week as it never fails to get compliments. But for now, let’s assume you have your own recipe. You’ll want it thick enough, so that it stays firm. And, I would highly recommend a piping bag. I use Wilton’s, I keep a stash in my baking drawer – and I also use cake decorating tips. If you don’t have cake decorating tips – and you like to bake – go get some! I would say that you should stay away from icing dispensers like this – I find you get the most control with the piping bags.

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Once you have your piping bag full of icing you’re ready to go!

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Add a mini spoon and…. voila! I picked up a box of 20 mini spoons from the dollar store and they work perfectly.

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That is it. Easy as pie cupcakes. 

Shopping List
Cake …………. Duncan Hines Confetti Cake
Wilton’s Piping Bag (I think The Bulk Barn carries Wilton)
Mini Spoons + Wine Glasses ………. Dollarama

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