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back deck lighting + grass


The back deck has gone through a little series of updates  and I’m excited to show you the current stage. We did the final finishing touch and added some accent lighting to really finish off this space in addition to adding some planters. First – the lighting – I found two outdoor modern black lights at Sescolite in Toronto (they were approximately $100 each)

img (1) img (2) img (3) img (4)OMG. I love, love them. I really felt that we needed some lighting that shone down (vs. outwards) in order to not flood the deck with lighting. The two lights adds enough ambient lighting that you can sit out there and now see people, or even have the lights on when you’re indoors and you don’t feel like you’re sending a bat signal to outer space.

To finish off the space I added some planters from PC Home & Garden, and planted some perennial grasses that will stay there in the winter, and then I’ll cut them down in the Spring and watch them come back to life. The lighting and planters makes looking outside much more pleasant – previously it just looked like a porch, to get to the garden. Now it feels like an outdoor room.


: Purchased at


Tip: Carolyn has always helped my Mom and I, and is amazing. Do ask for her if you go in. 

Planters + Plants

: Purchased at PC Garden Centre

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