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2014 has been the year of change

download (35)I’m working on some major changes over here, with the hopes that it will maybe bring some order to my life. As a business owner / self employed work at home mama, I’ve had to look at all that I’m involved in, and decide what in my life has priority. I’m now feeling really excited about the reorganization of it all – and I think I’ve finally got a handle on it.

So what has changed? First – the business model ofThe Penny Paper Co. has shifted over the last few months. Perhaps it hasn’t been overly obvious, as the change has been quite slow. But I’m making slight changes in what is offered in the shop. Less custom, more ready to ship items. This change is rooted in the fact that the way the business was running, I couldn’t hand it over to anyone to really help. Custom products really meant me – So in order to cut the cord a little  bit, to give myself some more time to dedicate to an area of my life that is expanding – like my retail art – I needed to make some changes in what was taking up the majority of my time. Although I’m sad to see 99% of the custom products go (it’s what the business was founded on) I’m REALLY excited about the cool products I am bringing in. Anyhow, just a business blab for y’all. Nothing too major. 2014 has been the year of change for some reason. Not sure why? But I’m hoping the changes I’m making bring some order and peace to it all.

xo Linds

*The custom art prints will be back on a “flash sale” opportunity – meaning every once and awhile I’ll made the custom prints available.

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