magazine rack makeover

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I often see vintage magazine holders while thrifting and I often think that I should bring one home for my magazines but I very quickly talk myself out of it because I stash my magazines in a basket – and it works. (I don’t really love seeing a lot of “stuff’ around) But when I saw this knobbily magazine holder I couldn’t resist. However ….instead of using it for magazines as it was intended, I painted it blue and put it in Oscar’s room for some of his books.

I love, love it. So the next time you see a vintage magazine rack, think of it for your little one’s room or maybe even your room. It adds a great pop of colour without a major commitment or, expense. 🙂

HOW TO: I used Behr’s “Observatory” – I walked into Home Depot, bought a sample pot ($5.00) and was on my way. The sample pot program is my go to source for when I want to try something creative with a small piece. It’s such a small investment and it allows me to feel confortable trying other colours than my staples. Anyhow, just some inspiration of how to add some pops of colour to your home without major investments / commitments. xo Lindsay

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