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downloadMy living room has been going through some changes since I last posted a tour of it here. I was never really totally happy with how the artwork looked on the wall, and it felt a bit too “adult” and, felt like there was too much space between frames so  I decided to do some changes. I wanted it to feel a little more youthful, and have a better reflection of us as a family, so I’m happy right now with how it is. (Though it’s likely to change over the next few months)

I switched out the old pillows for new ones on my caned chairs to be Kelly Wearstler’s Bengal Bazaar. Seriously, I wadownload (6)nt to have them in every single room of my house. (Sewn by Aurelia on Etsy, they are gorrrrrrrgeous)

I’ve always loved this David Hicks print, so I brought in the pattern into the living room via pillows for the couch.

I added two Target stools in purple beneath my console – which act as a pop of colour but also, added seating for when we host parties. The console has a vintage box that I found at the cottage, and in it, there are coasters that I pull out when people have drinks. Beside it, some of the shells and coral Oscar and I collected in the Dominican this past winter. Two baskets on either side are useful – and pretty. One has Oscar’s wooden building blocks and the other, my home decor magazines.

The artwork on the walls are all framed (with the exception of two) in Ikea frames that I’ve switched matting out for – or, just framed a print without matting. It’s a mixture of my own artwork, Oscar’s and some purchased art. I love the gallery wall and what I chose to do was figure out the placement of the frames first, then, I filled them as I found artwork I liked. This method for me, worked the best as I didn’t really know what look I wanted. So it was a work in progress for quite some time.

1. Oscar’s moustache, framed in an Ikea shadow box. Mustache on a stick by Whisker Works
2. An art print, unknown artist
3. I love Hable Construction, especially this fabric so much I framed a picture of the fabric.
4. A sketch I did
5. Ikea mirror, painted white (I think it has been discontinued)
6. A print of a oil painting I did
7. Oscar’s abstract
8. Oscar’s abstract
9. Joanna Bell photograph, a local Beach artist
10. Painting by Roisin Morris

My yellow-ish ottoman makes an appearance in the top photo but dissapears in some of the others, as it feels on occasion, too crowded. Plus, typically it stays to the side as Oscar plays with his toys in this room. It’s still in the original fabric I bought it in, which was a yellow hue to it, so it doesn’t really fit the whole room anymore, and is craving to be recovered in a different fabric. I have some quotes in on fixing that up but it’s hard to justify that expense just yet while we have so many other things that need doing. So I have a feeling it may be put off for a bit.

Anyhow, I’ve been meaning to show this for awhile! It’s a great example of how I switch things around a lot – and I can, because I’ve done major pieces of the room – couch, drapes, walls, and bookshelf, in really neutral tones – which allows me to switch things up as my tastes change.

xo Lindsay

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