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Oscar, like most kids his age, says the most interesting, hilarious, insightful, innocent and on occasion, embarrassing things. I sometimes lie in bed and crack up telling Aubrey about them at the end of the day. Other days, they make me tear up. As a little project for myself I’m going to do quick sketches of what he occasionally says. I think it will be an interesting way of remembering what he says but also, more importantly for me, a nice reminder of how he views the world. Because they do grow and change rather quickly. And his innocence and views are really heartwarming for me.

Oscar was getting dressed and looked down at his chest and said …. “I have two nickles”. OMG. It took all I had not to burst out laughing at how ridiculously cute I thought this was. I just hugged him. And we now just call them nickles. It’s way cuter.

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