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Without going into a long spiel, I wanted to blog some quick updates from the basement. Back in 2011 blogged that the basement was “completely done”. Scratch that. The 2 minute version of what is going on is that as Oscar has gotten older and my business gets busier – we’ve been “competing” for our own unique spaces in the basement. The whole open concept / beautiful combined work / play space just wasn’t working for us – so we’ve started to make some changes. I was having a hard time separating work from family time too – so not only visually is the differentiation between rooms important, but psychologically it’s helping as well. The first change was creating false walls and diving the basement into two separate areas. A play / family area and a “Mommy’s office” space at the back.

Take a look at this post to see what it looked like before. I haven’t done a great job of showing you the layout in this post but I really just wanted to bring the blog up to date on where we’re at. What I’ve found really interesting in this whole process is that this process of breaking one huge room into two – without any construction / drywall / doors – easily translates to a great project to someone living in a bachelor apartment. Take a cabinets and create “walls”. It’s awesome, inexpensive and – not permanet. But I’m getting off track. Basically I wanted to bring this blog up to date on what we’re doing – pretty much in limbo as our finances recuperate from taking a vacation. But…if we had a million dollars* – What would we do?

We’re hoping to get a super long couch to go here, that would go from the Ikea cabinet on the left – all the way over to where the new false wall is. There is a bump out that we have to account for, but based on my measurements of some couch depths, we have room to put the couch infront of the bumpout and not block a walkway.

Next up, we’d like to install a TV on a bracket above that dresser, where Oscar’s photo is. We could pull out the TV when we’d want to watch, and push it back onto the wall when we’re done. Brilllliant!

Anyhow, that’s where we’re at right now with the basement. Total chaos.

*Ok, so this project wouldn’t cost a million dollars, but I had to play that song because of “I would buy furniture for your house. Maybe a nice chesterfield or an ottoman” 

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