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Organizing our Closet with ClosetMaid

Before the New Year I received a pretty awesome e-mail from the folks over at ClosetMaid. They wondered if I’d be interested in revamping one of our closets with one of their systems. If you know me well, you’ll know that organization, cleaning, and all that jazz is pretty much my kryptonite. My weakness. So this was something that I freaked out over.

Before going any further, because this was given to us complimentary, I’ll know that some people hesitate over the validity of a review. So I want to say before going any further – that the addition of a closet organizing system, regardless of the brand, has been a game changer over here – It’s made my morning / nighttime routine nicer, I can see my clothes better so less things get thrown on the floor and I don’t have to do the smell test to see if it was washed (don’t judge – you’ve done that too). The closet organizational system addition has been AWESOME and it made me wonder why we didn’t do it sooner.

The second part of this is obviously the company that makes this system – ClosetMaid. We’ve never done a system like this before, so I can’t compare to other systems but what I can tell you is that 1. It’s ridiculously easy to design 2. Ridiculously easy to install 3. The quality is pretty awesome  4. I consider it economical 5. It looks fancy and last but not least, I love it. You can go into your local Home Depot and buy it all off the floor. Seriously easy.

Backing up a bit – if you have been reading for awhile, you’ll know that we combined two bedrooms into one, to make our “Master Suite” over here. Neither bedroom that we had, had any closets (so weird) so we built this closet into the room when we initially renovated. At the time we could only afford the wire racks. Although they worked it wasn’t a great use of space, and they just led to more clutter than organization. Now seeing the prices of the ClosetMaid system, I wish I hadn’t been intimidated to price it out – as it actually is pretty darn economical.

The first step is to design your closet, knowing your measurements you can go into Home Depot or, go online and design your closet on ClosetMaid’s website. For $5.00 the folks ClosetMaid will design it for you. It comes flat packed (which you can see stored in my side of the closet) and we got to work on taking down our old system.

We removed the old shelving which left holes in the wall, so I went through and spackled the holes, and then sanded them flat with my mouse sander and then painted over the patches with the same paint colour that was previously there (Classic Grey by Benjmain Moore)

At the same time that I was spakling Aubrey was building the shelves. The plans were pretty darn easy. If you’ve built Ikea shelving before, which I know many of you have, well, this is the same kind of system. Flat packed and you just follow the instructions.

Ps., Oscar loves helping Aubrey when he’s building – and has his own tool set like this that I grabbed at a steal from Zulily. And after two nights of building the closets after work (so only really a few hours) here is the final result …

I think my favourite element, apart from the whole ClosetMaid system itself, is the one shelf I have designated for my personal items. Before this, I had everything in different places. Perfumes and lotions in our linen closet, my glasses would be in the bathroom, then on my vanity whereas now, my “daily” items are all in one spot. Happiness I tell you. 

Really this is as simple as it gets. No fancy stores that you have to go into to book appointments, you can design it at a store we all go into anyways (Home Depot) or even online. 

Anyhow, obviously I adore ClosetMaid for sending us the system (best gift a girl could ask for) and I have no problems recommending them here – the closet looks stunning and has made a huge difference. Love. 

Parts in our unit: 

3 x ClosetMaid 4 feet / 9 feet 

3 x Top Shelf Kit  (Great for extra storage)

3 x Drawers 

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