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bits + pieces

Happy Friday! I have a killer cold. Or a man cold. I’m lying on the couch groaning that I’m dying. So I may be dramatic, but it’s the most annoying thing ever. Anyways, here are the bits + pieces for this week. I appreciate not everyone is on Instagram so here is a roundup of some of the recent Instagram shots that sum up what we’ve been doing. (You can click on each one below to be brought to Instagram where you can see the original post.)

1. I found peonies in November! 2. Andrew. The cat. 3. Switched things up a bit. Going with a boxwood wreath for our front door. 4. We got rid of our chandelier, but now we need something new. So string lights are giving us light for now. 5. A painting I did awhile back hangs at my Mom’s house 6. Collecting rocks on the Beach 7. New ribbon 8. Hair cut + selfie at Starbucks 9. Exasperated husband 

Today is Oscar’s half birthday! And yes, we totally celebrate half birthdays with cake and birthday banners. Life needs reasons to celebrate (and eat cake).

Ps., I’m don’t have any Black Friday deals in the shop but you may like to grab some twine at $5.00 a roll (prices already adjusted on the site) (Black, Red, and Pink/Red are exluded) 

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