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wedding weekend

This weekend my little brother Peter got married. It the most beautiful wedding. Peter looked dashing in his kilt in our family tartan and Lindsay looked stunning in a flowy strapless dress. She wore her family’s wedding veil that both her Mother and Grandmother had worn at their weddings.

These two make me smile.

Below is the DIY sandwich board that I made and it was a success!

The wedding was truly Lindsay and Peter’s vision but I was super excited to be able to help out in certain areas when asked – like the invitations and doing some DIY things for the decor. I got to design their seating chart so I carried the theme of their invitations (which I haven’t shown on the blog yet) The invitations had a birch background so I designed the seating to be the same. I printed it on a foam core board and it was propped up for when guests entered the dining hall. As much as I love creative ways for seating charts, part of me thinks that simplicity is the best for this – so that every guest (like Grandmas and Grandpas) can find out where they are sitting.

Linds was amazing with her vision and chose to do simple mason jars wrapped in a lace propped up on wood slices that I had cut out in cottage country and sanded (which I will show how I did that later in another post)

Smore kits for the bonfire after the wedding.

Aubrey and I took a lot of selfies. The weekend was so much fun that I kept wanting to take pictures of ourselves to document each moment. Not sure why I’m doing the face in the right but I think I was trying to do a sexy pose and it obviously failed which is likely why Aubrey is cracking up. I threw in the selfie in on the left that I took in the ladies room at the resort because it shows me ensemble – I wore my favourite Banana Republic wrap dress, pearl earrings and this bracelet from Etsy. I’m a fan of simplicity and although I originally intended to wear this necklace, I didn’t want to stand out too much in family photos. So I chose to be more discrete.

My Mom did an amazing speech that would have made my Dad so proud. It made me proud. She looked stunning, as did all of Lindsay’s family. (Who, by the way, are ridiculously awesome) My sister looked beautiful and Aubrey was an amazing partner, watching Oscar all weekend so I could visit with family. My little brother is married and I’m so lucky to have another sister in my life.

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