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summer vacation

We just got back from an amazing vacation at our cottage in the Kawarthas. The weather wasn’t too hot – which made it a little less attractive to jump in the lake – but it was sunny 90% of the time so we got lots of beach time, boating, and outdoor fun in. Although I love the heat – we got to have a few nights of fires in the fireplace. Sadly, two weeks flew by. 🙁

One goal I had for this trip was to become a more comfortable with boats as I want Oscar to be as comfortable with them (and the water) as possible. The issue (for me) was that when I was younger I was involved in a boating accident that left me really uncomfortable with small boats. Although the exact accident has faded in my mind, it left me not very comfortable with watercrafts. (Pretty much the story is, I was in a tin boat in the lake with friends, a storm came, tipped the boat over and trapped me underneath the boat and started to sink) Although I don’t think I’ll ever be really comfortable with boats – I wanted to try kayaking. I felt that if the kayak were to tip I would be able to get out easily (going back to my fear of being trapped under a boat). So slowly went around the shoreline with one of our kayaks. Within a few days I was so comfortable I was going out with Aubrey and Oscar, and on my own. It was so peaceful. It became a ritual to go for a kayak ride every night after dinner. I’m pretty proud of myself for it – it actually became one of my favourite parts of our vacation. To see more pictures of our trip you can click to see more! (Photo heavy!)

Family kayak rides to end the day. 
Looking for the Gruffalo in the deep dark wood…
Mom added globe lights to the gazebo – I did work some nights in here on my laptop. It made me contemplate whether I could move up here for the entire summer and work from this beautiful location…
95% blue skies during our vacation. 
Kawartha Dairy. The home of the best ice cream ever. I may have indulged a wee bit. 
In Fenlon Falls, one “antique” store also served as a candy bar. 
Lindsay, my soon to be sister in law, along with my brother, joined us for a little bit at the cottage
Orange and wood paneling. Love. 
Corn on the cob – one thing we know that Oscar will eat no matter what his mood is at night. 😉
We visited the Farmers market every weekend 

Thanks for letting me share some of my photos! xo Linds

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