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antique shops in the kawarthas

Every year I try to fit in a few trips to my favourite antique spots around our cottage. Is it fair to say antique shops when sometimes it’s really just old stuff hidden among junk? What is the right terminology?  Anyhow – for the sake of this blog post we’ll go with the term “antiques“. 😉 Going back a year I did a pretty extensive roundup of my favourite antique spots to go hunting in the Kawarthas. Red Rock Antiques (pictured above) is still a huge barn filled with a TON of stuff but some pieces were now listed at Toronto retail prices which takes a little fun out of the hunt. I’m sure it leaves room for negotiation. Even with what I observed as raised prices it’s just a fun place to visit.

My Coboconk stores never disappoints me. I love the people who run them, the love the atmosphere and how they restock often by going to auctions. Pricing has seemed to rise a bit – perhaps due to the popularity of the locations. But I scored the gold bar cart above for five bucks. So that makes up for some items I paid a little more for. 😉 Score! (Ps., The bar cart is going to Tim, who I knew was looking for one – the joys of technology, I just texted him a photo and within a few minutes I got a “Yes!”)

I also bought this brass planter for a few dollars….

I’m on a little bit of a brass planter kick. (I’ll do a post in a few days on why I’ve been bitten by the brass planter bug – but if you are also digging brass I found a few brass planters over on Etsy)

I know the summer is almost over but if you’re looking for any Fall road trips definitely hit up some of the shops listed here. I’ve updated the list with 2013 observations. 🙂  (Such as Argyle isn’t as awesome a location as before) I’d like to make it into other areas outside Toronto to go hunting but it’s pretty hard with a three year old in tow. Any spots you recommend around Toronto? And do chime in on your opinion if this is really truly “antique shopping”. 😉

xo Linds

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